“The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug.” – Mark Twain.

Copywriting is writing the text on your website or other promotional materials for the purpose of marketing and advertising your business and services in a way that makes people take action. To drive home the importance of using the copywriting services of a professional writer, there are copywriters who get as much as $25,000 and more for a single page sales letter. Companies pay this because they know how much impact the right words can have on their ability to sell products or services. And in some cases, companies make millions from one sales letter. It’s that important.

Professional, smart, easy to read sales copy on your website, in your direct mail campaigns, in your blog posts, in your social media, and in all your other promotional materials is essential if you want people to take action and purchase your product or services. One of the most essential skills for a business owner in today’s marketplace is copywriting. Even if you are not planning on writing the copy and hire someone else. It’s important to at least recognize great copy. Learn how you can improve the content on all your channels (website, blog, social media, direct mail, etc.) to get the results you want.

It’s important that you have a great headline and that you have a call to action in everything you write related to promoting your business. This applies to your website, your blog, your social media posts, your offline marketing materials, and everything else you put in front of your target audience. It’s important that the words you write educate, inform, and drive people to take action.

Another very important part of copywriting in today’s world is writing for the search engines. Writing copy that is SEO friendly (or search engine optimized) is a craft that few people have yet to master. It takes a lot of writing, a lot of research, and continued rewriting to create something that will get you ranked well in the search engines.

Knowing how to use the right keywords in the right way throughout your website or other online materials is crucial to the success of your internet marketing campaign. Search engines are becoming more and more sophisticated and it’s more important than ever that you write solid copy for all your online materials. You will fail if you ignore this critical step. It’s that simple. So, as you can see, copywriting affects every aspect of your internet marketing efforts.

In addition to being a necessity to your online success, effective copywriting can also carry over to your offline marketing efforts. For example, contrary to popular belief, direct mail still works … if it is done in the right way. This means writing great copy (number one) and writing a series of direct mail pieces in different configurations and following a sequence that has proven to get results. BUT it all starts with writing great copy that gets your target audience to take action whether it’s online or offline.

Does this sound like something you need to pay attention to if you want to get results from your internet marketing campaign? Does it sound like it’s important?

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