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We are in the first week of the New Year. How did 2015 end for you? Did you accomplish all you set out to do or did you fall short … again?

What can you do to change the outcome for 2016? Here are a few steps you can take to make sure this year ends on a high note.

The first step is to imagine how you will feel at the end of the year after accomplishing all of your goals. Really think about this and give yourself a few minutes to meditate on it to experience how you will actually feel. I can assure you, it will be a much better feeling than you will experience if you do not accomplish what you set out to do. Take a five minutes out of each day for this meditation exercise.

The next step is to spend some time on Friday afternoon to write down three things you want to accomplish for the following week. And they need to be tasks that push you a little and take you out of your comfort zone. And each task needs to be something that will propel your business one step closer to your ultimate goal for yourself and your business. Do the math. That adds up to 156 very focused tasks that will build and grow your business. Do you think that will have an impact? Don’t let time get away from you again and end the year wondering what happened.

The third step you want to take is to learn how to implement anything you learn as quickly as possible. Most people know everything they need to know to grow and build their business. The problem, most of the time, is in the implementation of what they know. Taking fast action and implementing what you learn is the key to building a business. Don’t wait for that one more piece of information, for the timing to be “right”, or to get things perfect before moving forward. Done is better than perfect. Just move! You can fix it as you go along.

The one constant in business is change.

Starting this week, you will be receiving my newsletter bi-weekly rather than weekly because of a change in priorities in my business. I have spent the last year or so building a solid foundation for the consulting side of my business. This year my focus is on building the speaking side of my business, which requires more time and more focused effort.

But change is just part of any entrepreneur’s life. And the sooner you accept that and the better you become at recognizing when it’s time for a change in your business, the faster you will grow. Money likes speed.

In Napoleon Hill’s classic book, Think and Grow Rich, he discusses the importance of making decisions quickly and without delay. This same logic also applies to the ability to change.

You just have to look at the condition of a couple of the larger retail companies that will probably be out of business over the next few years to see the effects of not making decisions and not changing quickly. Their inability to make decisions quickly and adapt to change is the result of corporate bureaucrats making fear based decisions to either save their jobs or make themselves appear more desirable for the next promotion rather than making sound business decisions. And if they make a bad decision, it can usually be overlooked … for a period of time.

As a small business owner and entrepreneur, you do not have the same luxury afforded corporate bureaucrats. The stakes are much higher, and the decisions you make could have an immediate impact on your business and an immediate impact on your income.

So procrastination, inability to change quickly, and slow decision making are not an option for you because these three things will destroy your business.

Think about the times in your business (or in your life) when delaying a decision or not making one at all cost you money. If you have been in business for any length of time, you can think of a couple. Unfortunately, quick decision making skills can only be acquired from making mistakes, hard-earned experience, and being in the trenches.

The key is to learn your lessons quickly, don’t dwell on your past mistakes, and be flexible. Accept change as part of doing business.

What change do you need to make in your business? Make the decision today to implement the change and stop procrastinating.

“Money likes speed” is not just a cliche. It is a fact. When you look at business owners who are successful and making money, there is one trait they have in common. They make decisions quickly. By learning to make decisions quickly, they also learn to fail fast and fail often.

If you are making minor (or major) decisions in your business on a daily basis, you will make a few mistakes. Get over it. If you can’t do that, then get a job, and let someone else make decisions for you. As a business owner, you are faced with many small decisions you have to make about your marketing, sales, where you will spend your money, and how you will spend your time every day. And you want those decisions to result in increased profits for your business.

Don’t waste time worrying about what someone else may think of your decision or of appearing foolish in front of your peers. Face it. Some people are not going to like you or the decisions you make no matter what you do. And they will give you advice you didn’t ask for. (And why do you have these people in your life?)

So stop trying to do things “they” like or agree with. It’s your business. If you have been in business for any length of time, you already know what to do. Follow your instincts knowing sometimes you will fail. And that’s okay. The good news is, as you get better at doing this, you will fail less often.

Knowing how to make decisions quickly is a trait that can be developed with consistent practice over time. Faster decision making will result in an increase in your confidence and an increase in revenues. And … you will become a much better decision maker.

My challenge to you today is for you to stop losing sleep over a decision you have to make concerning your business, and do not end your day until that decision is made. Commit to the decision and take action.

There is a new tool (new to me at least) I have been using called Evernote.

Evernote allows you to capture anything, access it anywhere, and find it fast. It can be an image, text, photo, audio recording, or almost anything else you want to capture and share. Evernote will capture it and send it to all your devices.
Let’s say you want to capture a whiteboard image before it accidentally gets erased. You simply take a picture, using your smart phone, and Evernote stores it on all your devices and allows you to do a search on the image later on. The same thing applies if you want to take a picture of your notes on a sheet of paper. And you can easily share this image.

And, speaking of notes, you can also just type them in and store them. They are still shareable and searchable. So, I’m sure you can see the power in using this software to help manage a project with several people involved.

You can also record and store audio notes that are also searchable and shareable.

And there are several plugins available for different browsers, such as Evernote Clearly. It makes blog posts, articles and webpages clean and easy to read. Save them to Evernote and you can read them anywhere on any of your devices.

Another plugin is Web Clipper that allows you to save anything you see online – including text, links and images.

There is more you can do with Evernote than I have room to cover in this short article, so check it out for yourself … it’s FREE. Just go to to download your copy. Let me know how you are using this tool in your business.