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How do I find the time to implement a social media strategy? The short answer is have a plan and make a schedule. Like any other aspect of your marketing, it’s important that you know your audience and post content that is interesting to your audience so they want to comment, share, retweet, etc.

Have a plan and a schedule for what you will post on a daily basis. This saves you time trying to figure out what you are going to post. Here is an example and you are welcome to modify it to suit your needs:

Monday: Link to an article

Tuesday: Quote

Wednesday:  Tip of the week or a short recipe.

Thursday: Promotion

Friday: Link to a video

Saturday:  Comment on someone else’s post or retweet something. Join a group discussion and share your knowledge.

Sunday: Post a photo with a comment.

You can also use Hootsuite to schedule posts to go out at certain times of the day.

The goal is to strike a balance so you are not posting 10 times a day, but you are posting enough to be considered active. That means 3 – 4 times per week. Find what works for you. I have just given you a basic blueprint for planning and scheduling your social media interaction. You can tweak it to fit your needs. And you may not want to post every day. That’s okay, but you still need a schedule so you know what you are posting on any given day.

What is your social media posting strategy?

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As you probably already know, measuring ROI on social media can be a little tricky. But on Facebook, you can use Facebook Page Insights to measure a few of the metrics that matter so you can become more effective in posting content and engaging the people who ‘Like’ your page.

And having success with Facebook (or any social media) is all about engagement. Engagement can be defined as a like, a share, or a comment.

Facebook Page Insights will help you access the size of your audience and help you understand if people are engaging with the content you post.

Here is how it works … 

Log on to your Facebook account and select the Facebook Page you want to monitor. Then, under your Admin Panel, click on Show All next to Insights.

On the next page, you will see – Overview, Likes, Reach, Talking About This – towards the top of the page. Under that you will see – Graph. Then under the graph, you will see – Individual Posts.

Here are a few key metrics you can check. There are more but this will give you a high-level introduction to the capabilities of Facebook Page Insights.

Click on Likes (next to Overview at the top of the page) to see the demographics and location of the people who Like your Page,

Click on Reach (next to Overview at the top of the page) to see Total Tab views. This will show you how many people clicked on each of the Tabs on your Page along with a few other metrics.

In the Graph section, hover your mouse over the purple dots along the bottom of the graph to see the date of the individual post. Then look in the Individual Posts section under the graph to find the individual post for that date. Next to that post you will see key metrics such as Reach, Engaged Users, Talking About This, and Virality. Hover your mouse over the question mark next to each column heading to see what each one means.

If you want to download more data into an Excel spreadsheet, click on the Export button.

This is just a basic overview of Facebook Page Insights that will give you a few ideas for how you can improve your posts and give you a better idea of how you can monitor the performance of your Facebook Page.

Periodically go into Facebook Page Insights to see how your page is performing. Think about how you can use this information to improve your posts and engage more people.

Then you will start to see more and better results from the time you are investing in Facebook.

When it comes to implementing their social media strategy, most people find that it’s often difficult to find something to tweet, post on their Facebook page, or say something that’s worthwhile. If you want people to follow you and your business online, you have to be saying something worth their time to follow you, friend you, or link to you.

Here are a few tips to help you overcome writers block when it comes to finding something for your status update or something to tweet.

1. Post something about the latest trend in your industry.

2. Retweet other people’s posts.

3. Talk about yourself and your business. Do you have any special offers, new products, new blog posts, etc? But make sure you adhere to the 80/20 rule with this one. Only around 20% (or less) of your posts should be selling or promoting.

4. Have you just completed a project for a client or attended an interesting event? Let your followers know about it.

5. Post a link to an interesting article you just read.

6. Recommend someone who has helped you in your business or someone you follow who provides a lot of interesting and useful information.

7. Post a quote that may be interesting to your followers. Don’t overdo this one because so many people use quotes in their posts.

8. Review a product you recently used and liked. Offer opinions on the latest trends or news stories about your industry.

It’s helpful if you keep a notebook or something where you can write down ideas for future posts and tweets. You will get much more benefit out of social media if you always having something interesting to say.