You’re The Only One For Me

Dealing with difficult clients is something every business owner faces at some point. There is no getting around the fact that you sometimes end up working with clients that aren’t a good fit for your business.

But it’s not the client’s fault that it’s not a good fit. It is up to you, as the business owner, to clearly identify your ideal client and to only work with those who are a good fit.

The better you are at clearly identifying your ideal client, the more fun you will have in your business. And one more benefit from clearly identifying clients who are a good fit for your business … YOU WILL MAKE MORE MONEY!

You will be better at what you do because you have better relationships with your clients. Your clients will be happier because you are delivering exactly what they need.

Here are three quick tips to help you find your ideal client:

1. Ask yourself the right questions. What are the qualities of your ideal client? Can they afford you and are they appreciative of the service you deliver? Are they easy to connect with? What is the personality of your ideal client?

Create a list of the clients you have worked with in the past and identify the things you liked about working with them.

Know exactly what you can and cannot do for them.

Life is too short to work with people who don’t energize you and who are not willing to work with you in a way that is productive for both of you … unless they are paying you a LOT of money. And even then you have to consider what you’re willing to sacrifice for the relationship.

So go find the clients that energize you and motivate you to do your best work. Find clients you love to work with, and find the ones who can afford you. They will make your life much easier, and you will enjoy your business so much more. You and your clients will be happier as a result.